About Us

We connect old world finance with new world technology.

A 24/7 Global Team

Our team members are located around the world to ensure we can get the best results no matter where you are based.

High Level Experience

Our team has grown their experience after working at companies such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Sky News and DAMAC.


Meet the people behind the scenes

Heidi Cuthbert

Executive Director

Leigh Travers


Steven Bryson-Haynes


Jon Cuthbert


Dylan Urquhart

Digital Strategist

Tessa Dempster

Communications Officer

David Beros

Blockchain Advisor

Dan Petrie

Market Analyst

Sue Rentenaar


Tim Angeles

Video Graphics Animator

Simon Thomas

Website Designer

Jennifer Donovan

Account Manager

Katie McDonald

Communications Officer

Pele Findson


Ellen Treharne

Graphic Designer

Jude McAuley

Jude McAuley

Production Supervisor